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FUNDASAMIN- Foundation for Maternal and Infant Health- started in 2005 with a strong mission towards the promotion of research about problems related to maternal and infant health in our country as well as the development of critical thinking among health care professionals and support for those independent researchers who want and need to carry out their research projects.

With our work, we hope to improve the care of mothers, infants and, very especially, preterm newborns.

By means of our free publications, Neonatology Newsletter and Neonatal Nursing, we have reached institutions and professionals that attend newborns in Argentina to share with them latest articles and updates in Spanish.

We organize educational activities that include grand rounds, conferences, symposia, workshops and in-site/on line training courses.

In the community, we offer our services to inform and advise on issues related to maternal  and infant health.

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About us

FUNDASAMIN is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in October 2005.

Its main goals are :

*to promote humanized health care based on scientific evidence among health care professionals and the community

* to train maternal infant health care agents in research methods

*to promote growth among researchers and research centers

*to foster collaborative work and networking

FUNDASAMIN´s team is made up of professionals in the areas of neonatology, obstetrics, pediatrics, infectious diseases, nursing, biostatistics, maternal-infant health, research methodology and medical IT and consultants in quality, regulatory norms, legal and accounting issues.

Its head office facilities include: work units, offices, library, documentation center, meeting rooms and auditorium.

In Argentina, FUNDASAMIN works collaboratively with scientific institutions, governmental organizations, educational centers and public and private hospitals in Buenos Aires City and several other cities of the country.

At an international level, it counts on the advice of prestigious professionals and the support of first level universities and institutions.

Its main strength lies in the ideas that gave birth to the foundation, the shared objectives, the board of directors´ experience at a national and international level, its team spirit, the energy of its young professionals, the support from associated institutions and the collaboration received at a national and international level.